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The Balanced Woman Bundle

The Balanced Woman Bundle

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This bundle comes with a Digital copy of The Balanced Woman Menstrual Guide, The Balanced Woman Herbal Tea & Our Goddess Yoni Steam Blend. 

In the ebook, you will learn: 

- Different phases of the menstrual cycle and how to nourish yourself physically, spiritually and mentally during each phase. 

- What causes premenstrual syndrome(PMS) to happen.

- What foods to avoid during menstruation.

- What foods to eat during menstruation. 

- Things that disrupt our hormones and so much more!


The herbal tea assists with: 

- Regulating menstrual cycle

- Reducing cramps

- Balances mood 

- Reduces length of menstrual cycle 

- Improves quality of eggs (Boosts fertility) 

- Increased sex drive and more! 

Drink tea for up to TWO weeks at a time. STOP drinking tea during menstruation. Continue drinking tea, 3-5 days after menstruation. 


Our yoni steam assists with: 

- Detoxing the womb after birth and menstruation

- Reducing menstrual cramps 

- Reduces length of menstruation 

- Heavy Bleeding 

- Yeast infections and more!! 

DO NOT steam during pregnancy or menstruation


This combination of medicine will help to educate and empower you as a divine feminine woman and bring balance back to your sacred temple. After utilizing this bundle, you will notice a more calmer mood, improved sex life, lighter period and much more! 

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