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The Balanced Woman Menstrual Guide

The Balanced Woman Menstrual Guide

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In this ebook you will learn 

  • Each phase of the menstrual cycle and how to nourish yourself physically, spiritually and mentally during each phase. 
  • What causes premenstrual syndrome (PMS) to happen. 
  • Things that disrupt the endocrine system. 
  • How mineral deficiencies can affect our reproductive health.
  • Foods to avoid during menstruation.
  • What foods to eat during menstruation.
  • Why we get menstruation cravings.
  • List of approved plant based foods.



 Plant based recipes, list of natural soaps, list of glassware (plastic disrupts hormones), List of herbs for women’s health. 

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Customer Reviews

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Bri M
Definitely Helpful!!!

I purchased this ebook a month ago to help me learn how to better move w my cycle as far as what I eat during certain phases, what I do, etc. The information was very helpful! I incorporated some of the herbs and foods recommended during specific phases and my period arrived much calmer than it had been. And I wasn’t bloated AT ALL. It’s also helping me become more intentional about my daily habits. Highly recommend

Nicole Jones
I’m impressed

I briefly looked over this book. I’m impressed and i thank you for putting in the work to educate us in the simplest ways. In school, they teach all the complex FSH, luteal, blah blah. I like how you used seasons to convey the message. ✊🏼

I think u should create a slogan lol.
#Saving vaginas one lip at a time 😂